When your goals become mine, I align them towards a sustainable and pain-free path to future-proof your assault on a successful life. We still run, jump, squat, throw, punch and sweat, but beyond the physical results we invest in to achieve together will be the knowledge you can call on at every step of the day, giving you an edge on how to approach daily life.




Humans, from our biology we are "bipedal", meaning we stand on two feet. Having the spine geometrically stack up in a nice vertical line is the ultimate foundation to work from. Through the sedentary lifestyle we now find ourselves living we are compromising our posture by sitting down for too long each day - on the couch, in a car, in the office and looking down at our phones we are putting ourselves in detrimental positions all too often. People don't realise how poor their posture is becoming. Being conscious of this will be transformational for efficiency, wellbeing and keeping you injury free. I will take you through a step by step process to take back control of your alignment.



Corrective exercise screening 
is critical to identifying deficiencies in the body. First and foremost for me is the alignment of someone's posture and getting people to stand tall with a good T spine.
 From there I look at past injuries and understand what has been done for rehabilitation. I look at mobility, stability and balance through different movements such as squatting, lunging, running, throwing, twisting, pushing and pulling.
 Once I have screened the body we can then relearn efficient muscle recruitment patterns.



Functional training leads our bodies to efficient movement, improved balance, rotation, agility, strength, co-ordination and overall improvement in biomechanics. The aim is to move as one integrated unit, utilising a set of skills to get through the daily unstable environment we inhabit so we can perform daily tasks both pain free and efficiently. They are lessons for life, first to be learned and then made into habits that become as synchronised as our breathing.



Boxing has long been a sport etched in our history, dating back to early Olympic Games. It is a great martial art to learn, for confidence, hand-eye co-ordination, strength and conditioning. I have been lucky enough to learn the basics of boxing at a young age to a very high level from brilliant teachers. It is something I am very passionate about and as I continue my journey of learning the science and the art at higher levels I take great joy in passing on my knowledge. It feels good to master the movements of your hands and feet while boxing. You will gain inner and outer strength.




As an owner-operator of multiple gym sites I know the reward of getting things right from a personal satisfaction level and a successful financial perspective. I am here to help others bring success to their own backyards. Let’s face it, people want accessible gyms with flexible commitments. My consultancy includes start-up advisory to open gyms, including step-by-step guidance around equipment, staffing, systems, business models and marketing. My gyms are about community and creating a culture of fitness and well-being that is member-focused.

Allison Langdon
Trent leads by example, he’s dedicated to whole-body excellence in himself and others.