"My personal sessions have evolved from pure strength and conditioning to a more holistic approach to ongoing physical wellbeing."

TRENT LANGLANDS is the secret to success for many.

In his humble way, he is hungry for the self-improvement of others. He has attracted a guru-like status in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with two popular gyms, catering for all-comers, and a dedicated troop of exclusive personal clients. Trent combines strength and conditioning techniques with an evolved focus on education and awareness for better posture and movement as part of a uniquely tailored approach for “greater human efficiency”.


Being the best they can translates to incredible success for his clients on the big stages of corporate life, sporting arenas and in front of television cameras with millions of people watching.

But above all, Trent says, it just makes better human beings under the holistic umbrella of personal wellbeing – “which is the world I want to share”.

“My personal foundations in the health industry began with a background in sport, including rugby league, rugby, boxing, surfing and surf lifesaving. I have trained athletes ranging from elite stars to beginners. I am passionate about training and am a firm believer in the notion that a healthy body is a direct access point for a generally healthy, successful life. For me, personal training is a partnership where your fitness goals become mine and we work together to reach them.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”


"My gyms are my community."

To see people sharing a space with similar goals to improve parts of their self is always inspirational. We all might have different drivers to be at a gym, but it is crucial to feel a freedom to pursue your own outcomes. My gyms are basic. They are friendly. They are focused on people, without the hassles of lock-in contracts and needless overheads. Staff including myself are always there to help instruct, guide, support and learn together. It’s all your call as to how it works so feel free to drop in and have a look and ask questions about classes or individual sessions.