Journalist & News Presenter

Sylvia Jeffreys

Why Trent?

Trent is guru-like in his approach to create a better physical form. He’s thoughtful and driven to help me achieve my best. I see Trent at least twice a week, usually around 10am, which is the end of my working day. Trent helps me to focus, to get in a zone and find a physical and mental rhythm. I am always pushed by the session, which usually runs for 45 minutes. Trent’s sessions help keep me on the path to the person I want to be.


Sylvia’s working life is a bit crazy. She’s up around 3.30am to prepare for live television and then under the microscope of those cameras for four or more hours a day. A few days a week she comes to me at the end of her working day and she’s looking for a release. We work hard on her mobility and fine-tuning her fitness, balance and agility. We mix it up with circuits and Sylvia is a really strong person because of the effort she puts in. Her physical training efforts really help sustain her.