Chef & TV Personality

Matt Moran

Why Trent?

Trent is the person who keeps me revitalised. I see Trent around five days a week, pretty much any day I can because I know there will be enormous benefits and payback for anything I do with him. Trent brings a discipline to my life that is important for me to sustain high energy in business and family life. Our sessions can vary, but I like cardio workouts and big circuits. We usually go for an hour at a time.


Matt is such a motivated and incredibly hard-working person and when it comes to our training I’m constantly on my toes, because he doesn’t like to get bored. We do a mixture of cardio, circuits, strength, conditioning and core focus routines. I’ve worked with Matt for more than six years now and he hates feeling lethargic and tired so he uses our sessions to strengthen himself for what may be on the road ahead. He invests in his body and it repays him to by allowing him to go the distance as one of Australia’s true great professionals.