Businessman & Former Rugby League Player

Luke Ricketson

Why Trent?

I actually first met Trent at school where I was a couple of years above him. When I was at the Sydney Roosters Trent was also there creating a brilliant reputation for helping the players manage their bodies. I have been training on and off with Trent for a long time and he has given me the foundations and routines for looking after my body. He is insightful and absolutely remarkable as a person and motivator to bring you to be the best you can be for ongoing health and vitality.


It goes without saying that Ricko knows how to train hard. However, after his football career the focus has evolved. Routines of weights and pure strength conditioning goals have been somewhat replaced by more holistic foundations for remaining fit and injury free. Over time we have worked on posture, bio-mechanics and general body efficiency. Now in his high-powered business life, and as a dad, he faces different demands than for those of a footballer on the field. But they are no less challenging and require as much body strength and support as ever.