Journalist & News Presenter

Allison Langdon

Why Trent?

I want to be challenged in training sessions and Trent always develops an innovative and creative routine for me. He knows how to bring me to my best for getting through the challenges of daily life, but beyond that he’s building me into a stronger, more balanced and agile person. Trent leads by example, he’s dedicated to whole-body excellence in himself and others. He is incredibly motivating and inspiring because of calm intensity he brings to achieving success.


Ali has a high-pressure job with 60 Minutes and those demands take a toll if you don’t invest in your developing mind and body. Ali trains with me for an hour session, three times a week. She grew up doing ballet, so has a good centre of balance. We work on dynamic routines to strengthen her balance, co-ordination and agility. We usually stretch, have a run around Bronte and then begin various circuits inside the gym. Ali has been with me for four years. She’s fitter and stronger and always wanting to be pushed further.